Best Musky Rods For Sale Now Using Nanotechnology

Over the past several years Aquarius has more than once impressed the muskie fishing community with their innovative, and dare I say the best musky rods for sale, and every year they seem to raise the bar by finding new ways to produce unique ultra-high performance musky rods for muskie fishermen. Beginning with their Duo-Primus technology to their very popular Supra series of musky rods, Aquarius has once again positioned themselves on the forefront of musky rod innovation by introducing their new 2015 rods that utilize “Nanotechnology.”Best Musky Rods For Sale Now Using Nanotechnology

The most recent technology behind the 2015 Aquarius musky rods is brand new to the entire fishing rod industry. Other muskie rod companies have not designed a musky rod like this before. Through the application of Nanotechnology, Aquarius is able to form [Read more…]

Portable Fish Finders: Using Science To Catch Fish

Now a days, if you are wanting to catch more fish from your kayak or a boat, you can greatly increase your chances by using a depth sounder or one of the many portable fish finders for sale online.

Portable Fish Finders & Science

What really interests us, however, is the┬áscience behind portable fish finders. Portable and cheap fish finders, in terms of technology, are developing nearly daily as they are becoming increasingly more accurate, sensitive, and incorporate advanced features, such as GPS or sonar. While the portable fish finders are becoming smaller, they are also becoming more complex. Additionally, manufacturers such as Lowrance, Humminbird, and Garmin are now offering fish finders that can multi-task. For example, your portable fish finder can now even double as your GPS or chartplotter. [Read more…]

Robotic HID Headlights

Robotic HID Headlight Kits

Everybody knows that driving in storms can be a tough challenge, and frequently quite dangerous. This is due to decreased visibility, especially at night. Now, however, a new high-tech HID headlight device intends to clear things up for drivers. These new HID headlights kits for cars claim to make maneuvering the roads quite a bit safer. They are being referred to as Robotic HID Headlights.

Robotic HID Headlights

Smart Robotic Headlights

According to the National Motorway Quality Traffic Safety and Security Administration, in the year 2010, over 2,600 fatal car crashes took place in snow and rain. Mishaps like these can now more easily be prevented in the near future, thanks to a clever HID headlight kit system developed by Srinivasa Narasimhan and his team of analysts at Carnegie Mellon College’s Robotics Institute.

Utilizing a camera, a software light projector, and an application algorithm, the team’s clever front headlights system reroutes light aimed at bits of rainfall. [Read more…]

Dental Implants Using Robotics

The use of robotics in the field of dentistry is still in the early stages. Being that it is so new, this area of research is full of opportunities. The number of applications is vast. Although still new, initial research looks inspiring. Of interest to most is Dental Implants Using Robotics.

One area that students and researchers are working on using robotics is dental implant surgery. While the surgery may never

Top Dental Implants Indianapolis

top dental Implants Indianapolis

be fully automated with robotics, robots can be used for preoperative planning, as well as the surgery itself.

The purpose of using a robot to aid in dental implant surgery is to automate the drilling process involved with the procedure. Benefits of using the robot are an overall safer procedure, more accurate drilling, and quicker healing times.

At present, researchers are able to create a digital 3-D map of teeth. With this 3-D model, researchers are able to create a route for a robot to drill on. The robot is an industrial type called the Denso. They managed to successfully create a boundary around the tooth. [Read more…]