303 Fabric Guard Infused With Nano-Particles Could Be the Ultimate Fabric Defender

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 04:48 pm

Students in the science and robotics department at the U of A have used 303 Fabric Guard and a special formula to create the Batman of fabric guards.

The UAK students decided to come up with a solution to use this fabric defender to help the athletic department preserve uniforms in an effort to recycle and save money on buying new athletic wear for athletes. The excessive amount of sweat, grass stains, dirt and general wear and tear that athletic uniforms go through make them one of the hardest items of clothing to keep looking fresh, which is why the UAK students had to add a little pep to the 303 Fabric Guard formula to administer the ultimate fabric defender.

303 fabric guard

After testing out a few different fabric guards against the mass amount of grass stains and sweat that team uniforms collect during a practice or a game, they finally came across 303 products after reading some promising reviews on it. After using it, they discovered that they received the best results from the 303 Fabric Guard. Although the 303 Fabric Guard garnered the best results, there still was something that was missing to really make the uniforms look like new.

One of the students suggested infusing the 303 Fabric Guard with nano-particles to create a more intense chemical reaction, thus accelerating the already successful effects of the product on the soiled fabrics. The students cited that not only did the nano-particles worked, but the uniforms looked better than ever because of the fabric restorative properties of the 303 Fabric Guard. After the extremely positive reaction that the fabric guard had on the uniforms, UAK has decided to use the boosted 303 Fabric Guard on all of their fabric athletic equipment and their outdoor furniture that utilizes fabric to restore everything to look even better than it did before and withstand the often unpredictable Midwestern weather.

303 Fabric Guard Now In High Demand

This enhanced 303 Fabric Guard has become so popular on campus that even students are beginning to use it on their personal items. Other universities and colleges across the country have begun to contact the UAK students about their formula to use on their own athletic gear because of the savings that athletic gear longevity brings.
A source from the science department revealed that because of the success of the 303 Fabric Guard that they are looking into infusing other 303 products with nano-particles to increase the protection power of those particular products. More specifically they have been testing using nano-particles in their 303 Aerospace Protectant product. Where 303 Fabric Guard protects multiple fabrics, 303 Aerospace Protectant protects and restores many surfaces including vinyl, gel-coat, fiberglass, synthetic/natural rubber, and plastics. The testing stages are early, but so far the nano-particles and 303 Aerospace Protectant has restored surfaces to nearly brand new, which would ultimately end up saving campuses, college students and everyday patrons a lot of money.

Soon, 303 Products and the infusion of nano-particles will end up being a savior to campuses and athletic departments that shell out a large amount of budget on new uniforms and equipment. It sounds like UAK might have found the golden ticket. Their new products will be featured at this years NP Outdoor Expo.