Best Musky Rods For Sale Now Using Nanotechnology

Last updated on October 30th, 2015 at 10:42 am

Over the past several years Aquarius has more than once impressed the muskie fishing community with their innovative, and dare I say the best muskie rod and reel combo for sale, and every year they seem to raise the bar by finding new ways to produce unique ultra-high performance musky rods for muskie fishermen. Beginning with their Duo-Primus technology to their very popular Supra series of musky rods, Aquarius has once again positioned themselves on the forefront of musky rod innovation by introducing their new 2015 rods that utilize “Nanotechnology.”Best Musky Rods For Sale Now Using Nanotechnology

The most recent technology behind the 2015 Aquarius musky rods is brand new to the entire fishing rod industry. Other muskie rod companies have not designed a musky rod like this before. Through the application of Nanotechnology, Aquarius is able to form Carbon Microtubes to further enhance a fishing rod’s power and sensitivity, thus increasing the rod’s overall performance. Usually when we hear the term Nanotechnology, we tend to think of extremely small particles.

Nano-Q Musky Rods Using Nanotechnology

The all new Aquarius NANO-Q series muskie rods are breathtaking. In fact, when we got our first glimpse of the snapshots of the bare-bone muskie rod, without a clue of what it was made from, the hand grip looked something like a German rifle stock. This fishing rod does not look even remotely similar to the Duo-Primus nor the Supra JKX series rods, and we knew right away that Aquarius had once again come up with another very unique product to showcase at the ICAST conference this year. You can read more about musky rods, including these, over at

The NANO-Q is the fishing industry’s first and only musky rod to utilize Carbon Microtube Technology. The application of this new technology results in a musky rod that is more powerful, lighter, and stronger with an overall increase in sensitivity thanks to the reduced resin amounts and the added carbon fiber loading which is attained by using their carbon fiber Microtubes. The tiny Microtubes in the Aquarius Nano-Q musky rod are so minute that they can fill many of the “gaps” that bigger fibers tend to leave open which results in an overall more resilient construction. This nanotechnology has several key benefits and Aquarius harnesses the special attributes of nano-design to develop a muskie fishing rod different than any other.

Best Muskie Rods Models

The brand new Aquarius NANO-Q musky rods will have a planned six different models, three for casting and three for spinning, which will be similar to their current “Old Skool” musky rods.

Aquarius is known quite well for it’s innovative use of exotic materials when making musky rods, and they are the first manufacturer to ever use Carbon Microtube Composites in a musky rod. Even thought we only managed to get a sneak peek of what is new for 2015, we are quite excited about these musky rods. If they are everything that Aquarius claims, the new NANO-Q muskie rods will be strong, exceptionally durable, and extremely sensitive due to the use of nanotechnology. The Aquarius NANO-Q is bound to make a huge splash at next months ICAST conference in Las Angeles. While a lot of musky rod companies simply get by with conservative changes to their current fishing rod lineup, Aquarius proves yet again that they are willing and able to be the leaders to make use of advanced materials and produce radical new fishing rods.