Robotic Musky Lures Developed By U of A Students

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 04:47 pm

Having fished many years for many types of fish including: musky, bass, pike, and others in the Great Lakes region, many fisherman have asked me the following question: Why is there no robotic fishing lure out there in the market place? Well now, there is an answer to that question. Robotic musky lures are here and ready for action.

Musky Lures Of The Future Are Here

After years of research on the topic, students at the U of A developed robotic musky lures. It swims like a real fish, looks like a real fish, and moves like a real fish. Using new electronic technology, fishing lures that simulate the real thing are now a reality. Years of testing and design, as well as trial and error where necessary in the development of a robotic musky lure that has the weight, look, feel, and movement of a regular lure. Of course, the true test is can you catch fish with these robotic muskie lures? The answer is yes. Performance is the true test and these robotic musky lures pass the test with flying colors. These could be the top musky lures of the future.

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Many types of these fishing lures are available through the internet and can be shipped to your door in a very quick manner. The availability of different kinds of robotic musky lures has begun to increase in the last year as well. They are not costly and every bit as effective as a traditional lure when fishing for musky, pike, bass, or other fish.

Muskie Lures For A New Generation

Why use a fishing lure with this technology? There are many advantages to this technology.

1. These tiger muskie lures can simulate any lure when fishing for any type of fish in the Great Lakes region: i.e. musky, bass, pike and others.
2. The cost of the musky lures in very reasonable.
3. These fishing lures eliminate the need to constantly recast, as the lure does the work for you.
4. These fishing lures eliminate fatigue in your hands and arms as you are not constantly trying to propel the lure yourself, the robotic lure does the work for you and keep you from getting tired as quickly.

While wide adoption of these products is not a reality yet, many anglers are realizing that this is the future of fishing. These robotic lures are gaining in popularity, and who knows one day may result in the replacement of the traditional lures used by many experienced fisherman.

As these robotic musky lures are being constantly improved upon, they will only gain in acceptance and use on the lakes, rivers, and waterways of the world. Fishing charter captain Wayne Richardson from said that, “it only makes sense that muskie anglers look to technology to improve upon and make their fishing experience more enjoyable.”

At first, I was resistant to the idea of a robotic lure, but after trying them and seeing their benefits and ease of use, I am becoming more and more sold on them as a viable product. I see them as a complementary product to my existing lures, and I think both traditional and robotic muskie lures can be used in harmony with each other in pursuit of the chase for the majestic fish that we all wish to catch when on our great vacation getaways.