Yeti Cooler On Sale To Raise Funds

Last updated on August 25th, 2018 at 04:48 pm

We are happy to announce that an anonymous donor has gifted the University Robotics Department a Tundra 50 QT Yeti Cooler, which will be selling at a reduced retail price in order to raise funds for an updated Robotics Center that will feature interactive displays for all university students! Buying this brand new Yeti Cooler on sale is a once in a lifetime opportunity because it is close to impossible to find a Yeti product that is discounted due to their strong screening of who becomes a designated retailer of Yeti products. Discount warehouses and department stores rarely have access to Yeti Coolers, so the prices never fluctuate. Yeti Coolers are known to be on the higher end of the price range, so finding Yeti Coolers on sale is truly an occurrence that would be foolish to pass up. Now is your opportunity to get your hands on the most desired outdoors cooler on the market.

yeti cooler on sale

The Tundra 50 QT is the most popular model of Yeti Coolers because it is the perfect size for medium to large outdoor excursions that requires the use of ice chests. The Tundra 50 QT can hold up to 32 cans with a 2:1 ratio of ice. Perfect for the avid outdoorsmen or for campus parties, the Tundra 50 QT will have your refreshments ice cold throughout the day and night. Yeti has perfected the scientific method of retaining ice during multiple day periods, with one of the highest ice retention periods of a Yeti being reported at 10 days so far. With an ice retention that impressive, it is no wonder that you will never find a Yeti Cooler on sale, until now!

The high-grade roto-molded construction of Tundra Yeti 50 QT Cooler makes it as durable as white water kayaks. With the ability to stand strong and untouched by even the most volatile weather elements, Yeti Coolers can last you many years even with frequent use in the outdoors. If you want to take your Yeti Tundra 50 QT on a camping trip, then you can rest easy knowing that a bear won’t be able to break into your ice chest and steal some of your food. Yeti ice chests are Certified Bear Resistant by the International Grizzly Bear Committee, so it goes without saying that these coolers are pretty tough.

Through multiple fundraising efforts, including a generous donation from JM Marine, and the profits received from our Yeti Cooler on sale, our Robotics Department plans to facilitate the makeover and update of our Robotics Department, adding cool new interactive features that will be fun, as well as educational to all of the students and faculty at our campus.

Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to become a part of the Yeti Cooler owner family by getting a brand new Yeti Cooler at a massively reduced price! Joining in our efforts to educate students on our campus with technological advancements, as well as getting yourself a nice cooler in the process is a pretty sweet deal. But you better hurry. The cooler will be sold to the highest bidder on August 31.

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